In order to development a unique, customized training plan for each individual IIT collects 360º information through a secure webpage developed for each client. We work with individuals to identify key sources of feedback on their performance. Sources can include personal and professional contacts, individuals from within your firm as well as outside, e.g., direct reports, managers, peers, staff, family, vendors, clients, etc.

So that the feedback targets individual needs, we work with the client to tailor the questions to be asked.

If the clients have/use their own 360º feedback instrument, Coaching for High Performance will use that instrument.

Open Comments

These questions allow for the collection of written feedback based on topics outlined by the client. Open comments also enable interviewees to address issues they feel need to be addressed.

Topics can focus on any number of developmental areas and commonly include:
Structured Questions

These questions are designed by the client and the coach to rate specific areas of performance. Typically the number of Structured Questions asked range from 20-45.

Face-to-Face & Telephone Interviews

Where the client feels it's necessary, IIT can also conduct face-to-face and telephone interviews: Interviews last 20-30 minutes and often include superiors or key personnel.


After the 360º feedback has been collected, the coach analyzes the information, develops a synopsis of the findings, and creates a Feedback Report. During the individual feedback session, the client and coach use the Feedback Report to lay the groundwork for a development plan that includes a list of goals and timeframes. The 360º information allows the client and the coach to create a development plan that is tailored to the individual’s specific needs.