The following feedback is based on the open-ended questions. For the purpose of reporting, IIT has presented the information topically.




He is able to prioritize and focus on what's in front of him.

He also has a sense of humor.

He is a good communicator. When giving instructions he is clear, and is always looking for ways to serve our clients better.

He is hard working and conscientious, personable and kind.

Excellent team member.

He is a great communicator, teacher and motivator. He understands the needs of his staff, his department, the clients we represent, and is confident in making decisions based on these needs. He is well-liked by both staff and outside clients.

He's tireless-has an overabundance of energy.

He possesses good communication skills and technical skills.

He is hard working, extremely knowledgeable, very dedicated, and gives his all.



He is not flexible and wants things done his way. He won't listen or accept a colleague's point of view if it differs greatly from his own.

He is honest and outspoken and his leadership qualities are not always recognized. He tries to improve the way things are done in the dept., but doesn't always receive the support he needs.

Although he is slow to change, once he makes the changes he is a great advocate.

Lack of enthusiasm.

Shows frustration easily.

He needs to be more people friendly.

He could benefit from some instruction to improve his people skills. He has problems communicating with tact when he has a disagreement with staff or clients. He takes normal business misunderstandings personally, with both clients and staff.

He doesn't listen to his subordinates' complaints with regards to inter-departmental needs.

He has an inability to hide his emotions; he can be jovial one minute and moody the next. This can be very stressful on staff. This is very stressful time for all of us with the new changes taking place.

Too often he comes across as a "victim" in situations; doesn't seem comfortable with the stress/time demands of being part of management.

He doesn't consult with his managers when making departmental decisions.



He is a very good manager. He is very clear thinking, is able to explain things so that I understand them. I've learned a lot about the business from him.

He makes me want to help him, and take on more than my share of work.

He is totally above the board and doesn't ask you to do something that he wouldn't do himself. I have a lot of respect for him.

He has an open line of communication with his staff, and always assists with decision-making.

He can be counted on to get things done, and follows through on tasks. When he is not overworked by having too much responsibility, his door is open for questions from the staff, which he answers thoroughly and with patience.

He is a very well-rounded leader and worker. He handles many types of people and questions throughout the day and handles all of them well. He is respectful, positive, has a sense of humor, and asks every person if he or she has any questions, comments, or criticism.

He has a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. While he manages to get the respect his position requires, he still displays a "one of the guys" attitude.

With me he has an open door policy-when I need help (questions etc.)

Maintains a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a manner that fosters good relationships with co-workers, publishers and customers. Held in high regard by his staff.

He is a good Team Leader. He is well respected by his peers as well as his Direct Reports



He is sometimes too quick to react to a situation or a change. He lets certain staff get away with not doing their share of work.

He has so much on his plate, details are sometimes left unattended. This creates morale problems, when staff managers are not doing their part. There's a lot of down time in the department, things need to be restructured somewhat. Sometimes he gets defensive, but I think that is totally understandable, given all the changes going on in the company right now.

He is knowledgeable about many new and ongoing changes at the company. That is good, but if he could inform the staff of these changes we could make suggestions, or at least keep clients up to date on how changes will eventually make their lives easier. It would also make the staff feel as if they are an important part of the team.

He doesn't often work with his staff on major problem solving issues. He needs to get more involved in decision-making in the department, to collectively produce solutions to problems they encounter.

He should be delegating more. His apparent reluctance in delegating work may be construed by some of his associates as a lack of trust in their abilities.

He's selective: He'll inform SOME of his staff on info that all should know. He limits the decision-making involvement of his Managers, Team Leaders etc. They are uninformed when they attend meetings.

He tends to get impatient.

He has a need to control situations that leads to his involvement in issues that clearly should be delegated.

He does not allow his key staff to support him.

He has no tolerance with his key staff coming to him for issues that involve meting out discipline.

The following questions have been listed in ranked order from greatest strength to weakness. The lower the mark, the more effective; the higher the mark, the least effective.



Rating Scale

1 = Very Effective 10 = Very Ineffective NA = No experience observing this area


1.      Makes tough choices and decisions in a timely fashion

High Score: 1 (5)

Low Score: 9 (1)

People who answered NA: 2

Average: 3.48



2.      Gives clear instructions and guidance

High Score: 1 (7)

Low Score: 10 (1)

People who answered NA: 9

Average: 3.64



3.      Focuses on key issues in order to accomplish goals

High Score: 1 (5)

Low Score: 9 (2)

People who answered NA: 2

Average: 3.76



4.      Takes a view on issues and constructively stands behind them

High Score: 1 (5)

Low Score: 9 (1)

People who answered NA: 1

Average: 3.89



5.      Takes the initiative to make things happen

High Score: 1 (6)

Low Score: 9 (3)

People who answered NA: 0

Average: 4.11