The Development Plan helps to continuously build and strengthen professional skills. During this program the client will have the necessary information to identify and track the actions needed to accelerate development. Development is a continuous journey.


Used throughout the coaching program, we lead each participant through the key components of a clear and actionable development plan.


Before meeting with the coach for the 360 feedback meeting, participants are instructed to become familiar with the guide. The guide is divided into 5 sections:


Section 1: Pre-Work

To be read before meeting with the coach.


Section 2: Synthesizing Feedback

Text and worksheets to be completed after the 360 meeting with the coach.


Section 3: Group Coaching Session

Worksheets to be used during the group coaching session.


Section 4: One-on-One Progress Journals

A personal review and evaluation of your progress.


Section 5: Continuous Development

After the coaching sessions are complete, the participant summarizes accomplishments and refines their development plan.